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Novapara Terms of Use



  • All customers renting a vehicle from Novacar become Novaclub members.
  • Novaclub members earn 5% NovaMoney with each rental; 1 NovaMoney equals 1 Turkish Lira.
  • Membership in Novaclub requires no card; matching is done in the system using ID/Passport numbers.
  • NovaMoney accumulation occurs through vehicle rentals on Novacar's website, rental offices, and reservation center.
  • NovaMoney are not earned on rentals through agency and broker channels or monthly rentals.
  • NovaMoney are credited to your account after completing the vehicle rental.
  • NovaMoney are not earned on traffic fines, HGS fees, fuel charges, damage fees, etc.
  • Use your NovaMoney on your next rental through Novacar's website, rental offices, or reservation center.
  • NovaMoney cannot be used for traffic fines, HGS fees, fuel charges, damage fees, etc.
  • NovaMoney used for reservations are refunded in case of cancellations.
  • If NovaMoney don't cover the total rental cost, the remaining amount is charged to the credit card with NovaMoney applied.
  • NovaMoney earnings are valid for 2 years from the date earned; unused NovaMoney do not carry over to the next year.
  • Products that earn NovaMoneys are specified in the table below.

- Vehicle Cost

- One Way Fee